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Physician CV

physician job applicationPhysician Resume Tips - How to Write a Good CV

A physician CV is an important marketing tool and the first opportunity a physician has to introduce him or herself to a potential employer, so remember to focus on the quality of information in your physician CV, rather than the quantity. Take the time to develop an effective physician resume that will get you noticed.

Physician CVs can be particularly long due to the lengthy lists of courses, presentations, research and publications a physician may want to include, but, like all resumes, your physician resume should be as clear and concise as possible. Try to limit yourself to two or three pages.

How to Write a Good CV

The first page of the physician resume provides a potential employer with his or her first impression of an applicant, so do not fill the first page with irrelevant personal information. Your name and contact information should fit at the top of the first page of the physician CV; save other personal details, such as marital status and hobbies, for a miscellaneous section at the end of your physician CV. how to write a physician cv

Physician CV Template

All physician resumes should include the following:

Personal Information

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address


  • A short, concise description of the type of position you are looking for, essentially the purpose of your physician CV.
  • Limit this section of your physician resume to a few lines, as recruiters prefer to explore this area further during the interview.
  • List each job, starting with your current position, in reverse chronological order, including the relevant dates and locations.
  • List relevant experience, skills and procedures learned from each position.
  • Use bullet points to help employers pick out essential information more efficiently.
  • List all relevant courses and degrees in reverse chronological order, including the dates and duration of each.
  • Include any awards or honors received during the course of your education.
Professional Memberships
  • List all relevant memberships and specialties to which you belong.
Licensure and Certification Language Skills
  • Share all languages you speak, including your level of fluency.
  • List the names and contact information of three professional references whom you have already asked to speak on your behalf.

Variations to the physician CV

If you feel the need to include personal information regarding marital status, number of children, hobbies, etc., you may add a “Miscellaneous” section before your references, but be sure to maintain a professional air throughout this section.

Resident physicians who are just beginning the job search and writing their first physician CV should also be sure to include information about their residency and any relevant volunteer experience.

Doctors with a number of years experience or retired physicians wishing to rejoin the workforce and find physician employment with locum tenens jobs may want to add information to their physician CV about research, publications, presentations, or conferences they have been a part of. While this information may be of interest to future employers, remember that the physician resume needs to be concise.

It may be helpful to have two physician CVs: a condensed one to send to potential employers and a more detailed version to bring with you to an interview. View a physician CV sample.

Candidate Direct is proud to offer a number of valuable resources for medical professionals. For more information about physician jobs, call 800-868-5930 or Apply online.

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